Sunday, October 18, 2009

Project Fall

I thought I'd give an update on Global Learner stuff so far. It has been a busy semester. I'm finding it hard to fit in all that I want to do with my students.
We are currently working on a Fall Project with Tita Martinez' class in Center, CO. The idea behind the project is to compare some pictures and share some fall writing with another classroom. We set up a wiki to show our work. So far the students have taken a lot of pictures, charted some weather, done some leaf rubbings, and shared a book, The Leaf Man, with Mrs. Martinez' first grade classroom. We are working on some poems to include too. We look forward to finishing up the project when Center comes back from Fall break.
The project can be found here:
More updates will be forthcoming as we add to the wiki.

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Dave Tarwater said...


Ahh, Fall Breaks, I remember those. The fall photos are great, I hope to see some pictures from Ms Martinez's class, their geography may have a different look.