Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Math Problem Solving Project

My students created glogs with a math problem they created. We embedded them into our blog for people to solve. We'd love for your students to check out our problems and solve them!!! There are 16 problems and most of them are very easy: addition, subtraction, and some money. No regrouping needed!

Check them out here: http://rmtwentyone.blogspot.com/


Dave Tarwater said...


Please thank your students for creating these math problems. Tonight by the fire I will be TRYING to solve them.

Emily Taylor said...

Good luck Dave!

Jeff Lewis said...


These look really cool. I am working on ways to improve math problem solving with my 3rd and 4th graders as well and will be posting on our class blog soon. I love the idea of using glogster, which I have never done! I would love to have my thirds go to your blog and comment.

Apparently I am partially proficient at best because I am having technical difficulties. They seem to be very blurry (I just got new glasses, so I don't think its my eyes..) and I can't click on them to enlarge. Advice?

Thanks Emily.