Monday, November 1, 2010

Microsoft Publisher

This month the students used Microsoft Publisher to create 2 different flyers on patterns. One was called missing numbers. They had to create a short story of 3 numbers going missing and how you could use a pattern to find them. The second one dealt with creating their own word problem that involved patterns. I created a template for each one and they were very successful. It's a very easy program for the students to use and they enjoy it!

I started a wiki through wetpaint. The address is So far I have posted some of the student’s work. The students were very excited to see that their work was published. The 2nd project that we did, I had students ask me if their project was good enough to be posted. A few students that asked didn’t have all the requirements and went back to make changes. I am hoping to get the student blogging on this site also.

I might be creating a new website. If I do, hopefully this will be the last time! My mentor, Jesse Brown has started a wiki through pb works. He posts videos, games, online worksheets, and quizzes on this site. Each day the students come in to watch a video on a given topic and then do the assignment that goes with. He has found it to be easy to differentiate and engages more of the students. He has just started this but it seems to be great. So I will probably start one also!

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Dave Tarwater said...


Great Math posters, I think sometimes we forget about using MS Publisher. Your students posters came out very nice. I will be posting comments on your class wiki.