Saturday, November 13, 2010

2nd Grade Collaborative Project!

Sara Zaleski and I are a GL mentor/mentee team who teach 2nd grade, so it was only natural that we collaborate on a project together.
First, Sara had her students write story problems. Then, she made a Notebook slideshow with the problems for my students to solve.
So, we did just that!
My students sat at their desks with white boards while I moved about the room with my Smart Slate.
The kids solved the problems and showed their answers on their boards while I wrote their answers on the pages of the notebook file.
I saved the file with the answers and sent it back to Sara, for her class to see HOW we solved their problems and if we solved them correctly :)
Then, my students created story problems for Miss Zaleski's class to solve. First, I explicitly explained HOW to write a story problem that included two characters, an object, an operation and a question at the end.

My students worked in teams of three and created some very creative and puzzling story problems! They were eager to choose their background color for their slide as well as clip-art that would compliment their problem.
Overall, my class was excited to show off their math skills for Dupont's second graders and are looking forward to hearing back from Ms. Zaleski's class about how everything went.

Overall, my lesson went well and my students were engaged throughout. They LOVED making their own story problems and thoroughly enjoyed working in teams. It has encouraged me to have my students create more math problems of their own. This upcoming Wednesday we will be creating MORE story problems for our fellow second grade students at Monaco to solve, which I know will be a success!

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Kelly Berry said...

Awesome! I love to hear you show them HOW to create a story problem. Have you found they are able to connect their ability to create a problem with their ability to solve a story problem? It seems like a connection they can use!