Sunday, October 31, 2010

Smartboard Mania

I have had a blast using Smartboard so far this year. I have been adding literacy transparencies and lesson components from Storytown's website. Each of these smartboard files is about 70 pages and has everything I need for teaching the literacy section including powerpoint vocabulary slides and spelling attachments. I have created a lesson for sightwords which acts more like a sightword center for the students. There are basic pages where students click on a color blob to hear the sight word and then must drag it to a grid with the corresponding print word. I'm having problems with immediate corrective feedback. I guess I need the district to send me to a class to learn to build flash files (hint, hint).

The other day I was behind on building the weekly sightword matching game so I put two students to work typing in the words. They did great. From now on I'm going to have my students build these weekly files.

Math has been fun with the objects available to teach place value. I've also been spending time at the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives. A must have for all who teach math:

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Dave Tarwater said...


Great SB activity. What a great idea turning over some of the typing to your students.