Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Collaborative Project

My 2nd grade class did a collaborative project with Ms. Booth's class.
The project required students to work in groups and write a story problem using either addition or subtraction. We have been working on identifying key words (if there are any) in story problems, so students also had to include one key word. When students finished their "rough drafts" of the story problems, we put them in Smart Notebook and decorated their slide. After we created the story problems, I sent them to Ms. Booth's class to solve. In return, we received the story problems from her class and my kids loved solving them! They were excited to be working with a 2nd grade class at Monaco!

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Kelly Berry said...

Here are the links for both class' Notebook files. Each class generated great questions. Did your class share their answers anywhere? Maybe in your next round each class can create their questions in VoiceThread or Google Docs and the page that follows the question can be where the students answer...