Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Unit 2 Final Project
This was our second project to involve photo story and Microsoft publisher. This project seemed to be much better for the students than the previous project and we think this was due to a number of key differences. We learned in our first attempt at helping students use these two technologies that we needed to be much more specific in our expectations and we needed to provide greater support as they work through the project. We decided to structure the lesson with a “business proposal” that students would have to fill out step by step and “submit” to us. This helped students plan their work and provided them a structure to work within. This also helped us check student work to make sure they were on track throughout the lesson and see where students needed more support or help. Another key difference between the projects was the fact that most students were familiar with the technologies because they had created a project in both formats in the past. Students seemed much better prepared to work with the computers, spent less time with questions and procedural issues, and were better able to explore and utilize the options in each program. On the second project, we also gave students three distinct skills to choose from and allowed them to choose which program, photo story or publisher, they wanted to create their project on. Students were able to modify this project for themselves because they knew what skill was best for them and which technology they were most comfortable with.

You can see the student projects by clicking this link:

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