Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Kelly Buerster and I just finished a collaborative project for her 5th grade special ed students using what I have termed an "Edusymphony". It is tailored for a particular lesson with visuals and concepts/vocabulary set to original music. I am attaching the one we did for the story they read about whales. The students seem to love it and it really helps with building background knowledge.


Dave Tarwater said...

Great project, I really liked the vocabulary. I learned that a group of whales is called a gam, a new word for me.

Way to go Kelly and Aimee.

Kelly Berry said...

Fabulous work on integrating 21st Century tools for building background knowledge! Are students helping to create your "Edusymphonies?" Was this "Edusymphony" tailored for a StoryTown lesson?

Kelly Buerster said...

It was really cool.. the kids loved it! Wait til you see the edusymphony on Woody Guthrie!