Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I have decided to have my students practice main idea and summary writing through PowerPoint presentations during a technology center in reading. I am hoping it is going to be very powerful and reinforce the skill of fiction summary writing. Keep your fingers crossed! Today was our first attempt. Mrs. Berry was so helpful and came over to co-teach with me in our computer lab! I think this is going to be an easy tool for the students to use and become well versed in. However, I was disappointed that by 3rd grade only four or five students out of twenty-eight had actually used PowerPoint before. My hopes is that with the continuation of the Global Learner program and our mission of 21st century learning that by 3rd grade students will have a handful of programs and media that they are well versed in! How amazing that would be! By the way, does anyone have any creative ideas/ways to practice summary writing?

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