Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Check Out My Lesson

I would like to share a vocabulary lesson for week 1 of Storytown. I modified an existing Smart Exchange lesson using "Rope Burn's" Robust Vocabulary. I've used this Smart Board lesson as a template for many subsequent lessons throughout the Storytown curriculum. The "context clue" section can be somewhat time consuming, but it can easily be excluded based on potential time constraints, or age level considerations. The lesson can be conducted quickly, but feel free to play around with some of the utilities. The pages devoted to specific vocabulary words contain tap-to-view slides and a link attached to the actual vocabulary word to its dictionary.com web page. I submitted the lesson to Smart Tech and it should be available within two weeks, or you can download it here in the meantime.




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Kelly Berry said...

Thank you for sharing your lesson here and on Smart Exchange. The template you found is great for adding grammar/parts of speech into the vocabulary development. This lesson will be loaded onto our district's Atomic Learning site as well.