Saturday, November 20, 2010

November Blog-Welner

As November is coming to a close, Ms. Taylor and I will be collaborating on our film project. As I mentioned previously, the children have finally completed their biography Theme 1 projects. All the videos can be found on my wiki under . This proved to be a great fluency project, as the kids wanted to perfect their readings on the LifeCam recordings.
I also made a sheet for the students to fill out while watching the films for engagement. They need to list three facts for each biography they hear. This will give the students an opportunity to improve listening skills, and then share with a partner on their findings. (see above).
Ms. Taylor's class will then show their movies and she will then supply all students with a summary sheet using the five finger summary.(see above)
This activity will be a lot of fun for the students and I am sure they will be motivated to make more movies using literature and research. What a great way to get children excited about learning!
I also will start my next Theme 2 Project on Common Goals with the kids, which is also presented on my wiki. Our next project will involve using Kidspiration to plan and organize a historical event and make and present a powerpoint on either the Revolutionary War, Gold Rush, Westward Expansion, or The Depression. Some of the kids have some experience with Power Point and others do not,so we will see how it goes!

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Kelly Berry said...

Your students will definitely find more value in their peers' research because of your thorough planning. Now that your students have experienced Windows Movie Maker, I think PowerPoint will be a breeze! Can't wait to see how their next project goes!