Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Collaborative Blogging Part 2 HighSchool Meets Middle School

So.. the second part of the collaborative blogging between Doug and I is currently underway.  His IB Science and Honors students are now replying to the short constructed responses left by my sixth graders, giving feedback and essentially critiquing their responses... right now we have 300+ responses.

A couple of technical details.. We moved the blog over to wordpress so the new updated address is  

We moved this over because we discovered that through blogster, you couldn't reply to individual comments directly.  At wordpress students are able to give each other feedback, replying directly to individual comments.

So for example one of my students (on the left) posted their response to the prompt and then Doug's students have replied giving them direct feedback.  In this case the followup posts were supportive and gave ideas and critical feedback directly to the sixth graders. 

Hi all. Doug here. Just wanted to give Jim and his students props for creating the blog. This is the first time that my students have had the opportunity to interact with a blog created by the middle school. I look forward to cultivating this relationship between HS and MS over the next few months!

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Kelly Berry said...

It's great to see the relationship develop between middle and high school students. Your real-world examples are helping students create connections in the curriculum they are learning. I look forward to watching the students' blogging continue.