Monday, August 24, 2009


Good morning all. I have had 7 days of school and now getting ready for the 8th day. In 7 full days, I now can say I'll never teach without my board again. I have used it for more than 1/2 of each day. The only time that I am using my regular white board is when there is something on the Promethean Board that I don't want to drop down at that time. My kids are loving it and at times upset because it does not move as fast as they do. We have talked about blogging and plan to start talking to our other friends in No. Colorado sometime this week. I so enjoyed our days together in Commerce City and hope to see you all soon. Later - Jeri


Dave Tarwater said...


It sure seems your classroom is off and running using 21st Century tools. I look forward to seeing some of the lessons you have created using the Promethean. Please let me know when your class gets a Blog up, I will enjoy reading and commenting on all the activities. Would you be interested in setting up a Skype session with me and your class one day?


Joseph Miller said...


That is great to hear. Soundslike everyone is really engaged. Love to some photos of the students using those big boards.