Monday, August 31, 2009


After leaving GL training, I made the commitment to myself to use the Smartboard in at least one lesson a day. The Rose Hill 3rd grade team has been collaborating with Sarah Feaster to use power point to introduce/teach Storytown vocabulary, and I wanted to develop some of those practices with matching vocabulary, as well as integrate the board into Math. I found a site which has lessons already designed that one can download: I downloaded a coupld good formats and started to edit them to fit our needs and learning goals. What I discovered, was that the lessons I downloaded were great for not only introducing concepts, but then very applicable in following days and lessons to practice. We have had great classes integrating the smartboard into our manipulatives! The ideas keep flowing in!


Kelly Berry said...

Thank you for the website. There are a ton of resources listed. I'm going to begin my class website search for student links here!

Mrs. T said...

Hey Jennifer - That sounds great. I am using my promethean board about 4-5 hours a day. I love it. We have a site I don't know if you can use our ready made flipcharts.