Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy New School Year!

The beginning of the school year always seems to fill my mind up so much that I walk around in a haze. The haze is slowly dissipating and my mind is starting to work again! I am excited to challenge myself this year to keep using technology in my classroom. So far I have been using the Smartboard to help teach and practice math concepts and have set up reading listening centers on ipods. I also created a film with my class where each student set a goal for the year. It was a fun project which we did together on the Smartboard. It introduced my students to film-making and got them excited to be making films this year. As always I am inspired by my colleagues and other Global Learners and am looking forward to another great year!

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Kelly Berry said...

Thanks for sharing your video! It's great to see many of my previous students able to use technology with you. You also gave me inspiration (and a reminder) to use the SmartBoard to show students how to make videos. Thanks.

Emily Taylor said...


It is so great to have students of yours in my class this year! They already have some familiarity with the smartboard, making films and using other forms of technology!