Wednesday, August 5, 2009

three, two, one

Please post a reflection about today's training! Leave a comment and include: three things you learned, two subjects you want to explore more tomorrow, and one question you still have!


Emily Taylor said...

I learned that Center is an awesome and technological school district. They have their own film festival! One thing I want to learn about tomorrow is podcasting! I am wondering what will be for lunch.

Sarah Feaster said...

Today was great! I really enjoyed learning how to create blogs. Tomorrow I look forward to learning more about voicethreads and social networking.

Thanks for all of the new toys and gear!

Mrs. T said...

Today was awesome, the hardest part for me was seeing exactly how to use it in my classroom and which parts to pick to use at first. The other part was to figure how to integrate our Promethean boards with this knowledge. I also realize that this will take time. The mentors were all wonderful and gave a tremendous amount of usable information. Thanks to all for your patience.

Kristin Edwards said...

I learned: that glogster will be a great way for students to introduce themselves to each other in AVID, that I can Ning with students instead of MySpace, and that I had to download the driver for the webcam.

My two questions are: how can I incorporate Live binders into my class, and how does a digital pen work?

I really want to re-visit smartboards ~ the training was good but there are things I need to remember!

Jim Howat said...


3 Things It Learned: - use student cell phones as clickers!

-You can upload a virtual lecture using VoiceThread and PowerPoint

-Live blogging works best with only 1-2 computers and students taking turns posting.

2 Things I Want to Learn Tomorrow:
-How to use a SmartBoard

-More information about how to effectively use the tools we learned about today to make my lessons more effective.

1 Question I have:
-What are some general resources for tools/methods for teachers on the web

Ms. Klein said...

Thanks to the GL team for a great day of training!


3 Things I learned:
-I created my own google domain and websites within that domain

-I learned how to create a "voicethread" and have my students create their own voicethreads

-I made my first photostory

2 Things I want to learn tomorrow:
-I want to learn about wikispaces, and social bookmarking

-I want to learn about openzine and twitter4teachers

1 Question I have:
I would like more logistics of how to create a live conversations online during a class. Eg. How do you start an online conversation? What site or application do you use for that?

Drew Giles said...

Today, I learned:

1- How do incorporate Audacity into my kindergarten curriculum.
2- How to use Photo Story as a way to introduce myself to my students at the beginning of the year.
3- How to hook up my projector!

I want to learn:
1- More ideas on how I can use technology in Kindergarten.
2- Different ways on how kindergarten students can use technology on their own.

? that I have:
Does anyone know Dorothy's interesting "secret?" ;)

Michelle Waheed said...

I learned so much today...
1. There are so many applications in Google!
2. The difference between blogs, a class page and Wiki.
3. How to set up a class blog!!!

I want to learn more about...
1. Setting up a Wiki account
2. Using Glogster

1. How do I chose what I want to incorporate in my classroom, website or wiki?

Aimee Stork said...

I learned how to use great effects on Audacity. I also learned about Twitter4teachers, which I am excited to explore. The most important thing I learned is that there is so much more to learn! I want to know more about how to use voice thread and social bookmarking. I still have a question about how to use the bluetooth with the laptop!

bsealy said...

I learned that there is TONS of technology out there to learn and use with your class. Two other things I learned were how to create a voicethread and use glogster.
More please... I would love to learn more about podcasting and using it effectively with my students. Also I want to have time to create and work.
A question I have is will there be as many flies with us tomorrow as there were today?

JoAnn Lopez said...

I learned that blogging can be used at the elementary level and it keeps students engaged in 21st century learning. Also, that there is so many different options to incorporate global learning. I would like to have time to work and explore some of the things that I learned today.
The question I have is...How will this look in my classroom (whole group, small group or individual) and what should I start with first?

Emily Taylor said...

Yes! Mrs. T, all of this will take time. But doing a little at a time will really help you implement all of these tools with your students.

Ms. Arnold said...

3 things I learned...
I am excited about using voice thread and podcasting!
I learned how to use glogster.
I began a wiki to use this year.

2 things I would like to explore tomorrow...
I would like to learn about using photostory.
I want to make sure I can embed all of the things I have learned into a blog/webpage.

1 question...
Am I supposed to remember everything? :)

jddavis said...

Today, I got to know a little about the new global learners. I'm excited to have such a great group of new and interesting people to work with.

I also learned that newer Global Learners will always get cooler stuff than their predecessors.

Lisa Kellogg said...

I learned where Center Consolidated district is. I learned the names of some of the new Global Learners. I learned that I need to practice with the presentation mouse.

I want to learn more about the new United Streaming features. I want to learn more about our new Global Learners.

How can I get my students and their work online at the beginning of the year (instead of in May)?

Melissa Garcia said...

3 things I learned:

Today I learned how to create a blog and different ways I can use it with my students. I also learned how digital storytelling allows students to share their ideas using technology. Another thing I learned is how social bookmarking allows a person to bookmark his/her favorite sites and access them from any computer.

2 things I want to learn about tomorrow:

I would like to learn how to create Glogsters with my students. I would also like to learn how to create live binders.

1 question I have is:

What are the most important safety measures I need to think about when creating a classroom blog or website?

Tom C. said...

I learned about a variety of new resources that I can implement into my classroom. Glogsters are online posters that I think my students will enjoy creating.
Podcasts and audacity can be useful for students to describe what they know and blogs are a great ways to engage in discussions with large numbers of people.

I would like to find out more about blogging and live binders.

I was wondering what teachers did with students that do not have internet access?

JLindberg said...

Today was fantastic! I learned about blogging, glogging and had many other doors and resources opened to explore! I want to learn more aobut Digital Storytelling & Voicethread among others... There is so much to learn and explore! I know it's an individual preference, but what is the best thing to incorporate immediately in the classroom?

Can we have chocolate tomorrow? That's the only way the day will get better!

Esmunda Talamantes said...

I learned a little about how yo use the web camara, a bit about story telling and audacity. I want to learn about blogs an wikis. How many traing a year do we have?

Tita Martinez said...

I learned about Digital Storytelling and Digital Filmaking. I also learned how to create a poster online without markers or posterboard. I also learned how to use United Streaming with help from another person other than a mentor.
I want to learn about Social Bookmarking and Audacity(I think that's what it was called).
One question I have is this: Is there anyone else out there that is as computer illiterate as I am? I feel like a beginner.

cshearin said...

I would like to know why my comments were not posted here....

I learned the meaning of many technological words and phrases.
I also learned how to create a blog and a google site.
I learned that I am not very technologically savvy and have a lot to learn to catch up to the students in my classroom.

I would like to explore how Center Learners will utilize Smartboard software. I would also like to explore how to integrate these items into our classrooms and power standards.

I wonder where to start. This is all overwhelming.

Joseph Miller said...


I can't believe you worked that song in!


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