Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bulging eyes and a filled mind...

Today has been a long day on the computer, hence the glow of the screen is running a muck in my mind...even when I'm not looking at it!

Today I was able to design and update some websites. In the past, I have used them for my classes, especially by continually updating a calendar so that students know what to expect. Using that calendar has also forced me to be more organized in my planning. I am excited to use it in conjunction with more applications so that it is even better! To check out the start of my class websites, click here or here.

I also created a blog so that I can reflect on what I'm learning in my attempts at implementing technology in my classroom. For this, I am excited. I have sort of known that a blog was coming...and I finally gave in. :-]

I feel like I have the structure and foundation for utilizing technology in my classroom, but now I need time to plan my classes so that I can use them best. I don't want to get so focused on technology that I lose curriculum...after all, I like my job! LOL

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Michelle Waheed said...

Last night I was feeling so happily overwhelmed...meaning that there is so much wonderful information. I am excited to incorporate everything I have learned but realized that I need to focus on a few things for now. I created a class blog yesterday!!!