Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Three things I learned:
1. Google Sites updated their formatting and made it easier to develop sites in a timely manner.
2. Cell phones can be used as clickers (
3. Diigo is my new best friend.

Two things I want to learn about tomorrow:
1. Smartboard features
2. Voicethread

One question I have:
1. Are there certain tools I should learn first in order to make other tools seem more user friendly?


Mary said...

I'm SO happy Google websites is easier!!!

doug.abshire said...

(3): Center believes in supporting collaboration through an investment in their teachers / students; the group of new Adams14 teachers is an impressive group; admin believes in "planting the seed" of 21st C classrooms within the district; (2) can you use livebinders as an online student portfolio; what type of koosh ball works best? (1) learn more about livebinders.....

cshearin said...

Three things i have learned today are: 2.0 means collaboration; how to create a Google site; and that Sara does not have any children an her dog.

I would like to know more about how to implement in the classroom and to utilize best for the global learners in my classroom.

I am still wondering what the requirements for each semester are; how many of these new technological tools we are expected to master or use this school year.

Dave Tarwater said...


Working with you mentor on Friday will be a good opportunity to address what 21st Century Tools to begin to try in your classroom.


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