Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Reflections and Goals for 09-10

I got kind of wordy with my reflection, so I won't say much here - you can skip right to the post in my blog. I basically reflected upon what I'd like to do in the coming year overall as a teacher, and then a few ways that the technology I've learned about over the past two days will help me accomplish those goals.

This is a good time to introduce my "professional" blog. Eventually I want to do more with the domain (like a class website, which is what it was used for last year), but for now it is for me and anyone else who wants to contribute. Working on having good content and promoting it and getting lots of input is something I hope to have happen.

The main site is Again, the permalink to my GL Workshop Day 2 Reflection is here.

I will say that all of my fellow GL'ers have been a real inspiration to me so far, I can wait to collaborate with all of you over the coming years.


Joseph Miller said...


What a great site!


Dave Tarwater said...


Great stuff, I look forward to seeing what happens in your classroom this year. Thanks for being a part of this project.


Mary said...

Love your little title!