Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Full Day

Well, I had all the kids all day today (just like most of you). Still haven't hooked up the SmartBoard. There is just too much else to do, right off the bat. My plan for today or tomorrow is to read First Day Jitters and use the Promethean flip chart for it that Melissa found. I have downloaded Promethean for personal use and it will be interesting to see how it works out when I use a flip chart on a SmartBoard.

This is cross-posted on the second grade global learner blog. (We have so many second grade teachers now, we had to make a blog for swapping tech ideas that fit with our curriculum.)


Dave Tarwater said...


Please keep us posted on how the Promethean Flip Charts work with the SB. I know you and your class are going to have an exciting year.


Joseph Miller said...

Hey Lisa,

How did the flipchart work? How much are your students loving the board?