Sunday, November 2, 2008

Xtranormal Storytelling

Just found Xtranormal on Twitter (from @NikPeachey) and made this movie in about 30 minutes with their "text to movie" feature. The movies are very simple to make which is good for younger students, but don't have a ton of options like Photostory. Xtranormal reminds me of a more complex voki and it is free, for now. It could be an interesting way to put instructions for students on a website or wiki. I tried it on my class wiki here.

By the way, Twitter is so great for finding these kinds of tools. I am following about 90 people on my personal account, mostly educators, so there are lots opportunities to hear what people are doing in their classrooms. And, since twitter is only 140 characters, people are much more likely to share ideas they might not otherwise blog about. I think I get more ideas from Twitter than just about any other resource.

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Kelly Berry said...

Fantastic tool! I can definitely see working on this with our first graders and their summative Air and Weather project. Talk about motivation for getting it completed! I also like the layout for speaking. It would help the students organize their writing easily.

Here is a sample I created in less than 10 minutes to demonstrate to my students their final project (they have to tell the weather, temperature, an activity for the weather and what to wear).

My Weather Forecast!