Thursday, November 20, 2008

Room24 Leadership Summit

Global Learners, we have been learning all about leadership in Room24 at Alsup in the fourth grade! Now it is time for our second annual Leadership Summit on December 5th from 10:00 to 11:30.

The Leadership Summit is a chance for fourth graders to reflect on what it means to be a leader. They will be reflecting on these four questions:
  1. What qualities to leaders have?
  2. What problems exist in my school or community that could be solved if I were a leader?
  3. What obstacles stand in my way that prevent me from being a leader?
  4. What goals can I set for myself to get past these obstacles?
We need your involvement! Here's how:
We will present the answers to these questions on December 5th in three ways. First, we will publish them on the room24 blog. The questions will be posted and students will be commenting. You can comment too. Second, we will Tweet them (follow room24). What is Twitter? It is a way for students to respond online through 140 character "micro-blogs". We will also invite anyone to join us in a live conversation via WiziQ where participants can address these questions themselves, thinking about themselves when they were young, giving advice to Room24 or sharing a story of a great student leader. Sign up for this free session here.

We look forward to sharing all that we have learned. --Jeff


Kelly Berry said...
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Kelly Berry said...

My class missed your summit last year, but we won't miss you this year! My students look forwarding to the benefits from your leadership unit!

In regards to wiziq, can you upload videos?

Jeff Lewis said...

You can't upload videos, just docs, spreadsheets and presentations. We look forward to having your first graders there!