Monday, November 24, 2008

Virtual Sub Plans

Because of things going on in my family, I had to leave for home at the last minute and didn't know when I'd have time to complete sub plans. So I left the sub a brief note and the site of my blog, telling her to have the kids go to the blog for further instructions. I was then able to update my plans and clearly think them out once I had arrived safely back in Michigan. Because we are all so interconnected through Web 2.0, I realize that my classroom can come with me, even to Michigan. Just because I am not physically in my classroom with my students, does not mean I cannot still alter lesson plans and make adjustments as needed.

So my students will go to my blog today and tomorrow, where I have posted the lesson plans, instructions, slides to view, and reminders. My students also know that they can get in touch with me through our email accounts. This gives me confidence while I'm away that the lessons are still being carried out. The students have been empowered because I have given the lesson plans to THEM, and not just the substitute teacher. I hope this will help students to take more ownership for the work they create. Check out my blog if you are curious about what they are doing. Thanks!

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deborah said...

Way to go... Where can i sign up... It is totally the, "wave of the future"
The days of I did not know what was expected has now come to end... at least in Liz's classes