Tuesday, November 25, 2008

SmartBoard Vocab Lesson

I want to show you a great activity that I found that uses the SmartBoard and Wordle to teach and reinforce word meanings. I found it on "Teachers Love SmartBoards", a blog that highlights resources and games that you can use in your classroom. I think this game addresses several of the "Cornerstones of Good Vocabulary Instruction" from this post. The video shows how to create it for yourself. Links to the SIOP lesson, the Notebook file and a worksheet to go with the game are on the Global Learners Wiki. We played it at literacy night and it was a big hit.

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Joseph Miller said...

Hey Jeff,

This is just fabulous. I definitely liked the engaging aspect of the game, but really what was most impressive to me was the use of Wordle to identify the key vocabulary from the StoryTown story. That was genius. Thanks for sharing.