Tuesday, November 18, 2008

UPDATE - Kidspiration Math Project

First grade students are amazing! At least 15 students successfully completed the previously discussed KidSpiration Project. (They were donut makers and had to make enough donuts to feed their customers. Then they rolled two number cubes to find out how many actual customers they had. Finally, using subtraction students figured out how many donuts they had for the next day!)

Positives: student collaboration, critical thinking, motor skills, and a mountain of other skills applied by students.

Challenge(not a lot): The template boxes changed or moved, saving to a central drive (working with tech. services on this.)

The positives far out weigh the negatives. It was a great experience for everyone and we'll be coming up with more!


Wesley Robinson said...

Your posts and screen shots look fantastic. My mentee and I will use them as inspiration for our next project. It's Impressive to see what your first graders are capable of!

Erin said...

Hi! My name is Erin Antonius and I am the product manager for Kidspiration. I love this activity you did with your first graders. I noticed you had a challenge with keeping the boxes in place. We have a solution for that. Select the symbol or SuperGrouper you want to stay put. Under the Teacher menu, select Enable Teacher Menu. Then go back under the Teacher Menu and select Locked Item. You will notice the that when the symbol is selected, the stars in the corners have a slash through them. This means these symbols are locked and cannot be moved. My email address is eantonius@inspiration.com if you have any questions.