Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why is education important?


A recent assignment in my 9th grade science class is as follows:

In terms of our ongoing dialogue about poverty and as part of the "through" for today, your assignment is to complete an 11 sentence paragraph 'template" and then write out the 11 sentence paragraph and publish it as a comment to this post.

Consider this quote to guide you:

"Think about it: Every educated person is not rich, but almost every education person has a job and a way out of poverty. So education is a fundamental solution to poverty.
-- Governor Kathleen Blanco "

Your prompt is "Why is education important?

Below are some excerpts from the students comments. The complete post / comment section can found here. Some are a bit rough in terms of literacy but all are heart-felt.

Sometimes we (I) don't think that our students are aware of or appreciative of their educational opportunities.

But they do & are!

Thanks, Doug


Education is important because it's the best long- term solution to poverty.

Without an education the whole world would be in trouble and have a hard life. Education is what keeps the world going because we use our knowledge and education.

When kids are not attending school the are not getting there education correctly.In some places kids dont get the chance at an education or even to attend school

Sometimes people focus more on educating the boys that the girls.

Education is consideed a vaccine for hiv/aids. If people don't know what these deseases are they can't avoid it.

Education i important because if you dont have an education you wont get anywhare in life. You wont have a good job and you will have no money

If every single person in the world had an education we woulden't have to worry about world huinger. Education is also the key to world hunger because with education we can use it and camoe up with a solution.

With education we can make a difference in this world.

Education is important because it help you get a career that will pay you enough to support a family…

I think the education is important, because some people or girls don't get a chance to go to school. About 113 million kids can't go to school…

…education is good so that you can teach others your knowledge. It is good for others to know so that we keep it going

Education is important because kids are the future and they need to be educated…

Education is also important because it helps get rid of the boundary of boys vs girls. Both genders are the futures of the world, but without education, especailly to girls, it'll make one gender look weaker to the other, when they're nearly the same…

Education is important because its the best way to earn money, get into college, and get a good job. If you have a really good education you can get good money

Families that are deep in poverty often find it difficult to send their children to school.

Education is very important all around the world because it can give you three things that everyone wants,respect, knowlege,and a life with no darfur in it

education is important because it can take you further not only persmnal but wisely, the more you educate your self the better person you'll be and by that you can help others arround you too

Education also helps people get equal rights.

Why is education important? Education is key to economic advancement. Having the basic skill of literacy contributes to helping reduce poverty

Education is important because it helps kids get through life when they are older.

Education is important because it helps you be aware of what happens in daily life

Education is important because you can learn necessities, improve literacy, and even improve health. Education helps one learn

Education improves health. By going to school one recieves nutrients otherwise not obtained.

If the majority of the world is educated then there will be more minds working together to solve problems on Earth

every year a kid goes to school it increases their salery by 10 percent. indeed education is very important to every person.

Education is important a lot everywhere because it helps you learn, survive and teaches you to survive.

Not to mention, more of our youth needs health to have knowledge. Education is important because it helps get you through life and also to make it easier.

Knowledge is power! The more you know about diseases, the more likely you are of preventing them. Getting an education will benefit you into being healthy and not making bad choices.

People who are adapt to their enviroment know what is wrong and what they can do, so if they are educated, they can help.

Education is important because we can all better our health and other features that can aid us in becoming all that we can be.

The UN says that every one in the world has the right to an education. Over 1 billion adults in developing countries lack the basic skill of literacy. Education is important because it could help create more jobs and improve the economy in a developing country.

Education is so important because you could communicate with the world by reading and you could be someone on the world or even change the world.



Tonia said...

Thanks Mr. Abshire....sometimes I feel like I don't make a difference. Like we come in every day, go through the routine and no one hears me.

Its refreshing to know they do hear and even though the don't acknowledge it they do care!

Dave Tarwater said...

Very thoughtful comments from your 9th grade students. It's clear that this activity gave them cause to ponder and respond in ways we may not have guessed. Good stuff!