Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"initial reflection on a collaboration project"

Hi all. Christine Mac (ACHS math) and I (ACHS science) have decided to create a collaborative blog between students in her 11/12th math grade classes and my higher math ability 9th grade science students. Today 60+ of her students wrote a short introductory statement while 10 of mine did also.

Our goals will to be:

1. create an electronic dialogue where students of similar math abilities may help each other explore math applications in real life.
2. pair up students from both classes to assist in solving homework / content type problems.
3. allow the teachers to gain skill and experience in other web 2.0 tools applicable to this project such as voicethread, wizIQ, video podcasting etc.

Although we just started this, we are excited about the opportunity to work together and to engage our students with collaborative interactions. The blog is / will be located at http://macmathclass.blogspot.com/ and we encourage you to check back every few weeks as it develops and as we gain experience in utilizing this approach between our classes.

On behalf of Christine and myself, thanks for your time and attention.

Doug Abshire

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Joseph Miller said...

I will make sure to add this to my reader. I look forward to see what happens with your students. I read through some of the comments and it seems like you will have some students that need to be engaged. I will be curious to see how this opportunity to shapes their belief about science and math.