Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More time?!?!

This title would seem to be quite appropriate once you all realize this is one of the first posts of the year. I cannot believe that it is November already! It feels like we were just sitting in summer training with all of our wonderful plans and ideas we were going to implement in our classrooms. We were eager, excited and full of energy.

Now, I still have many great ideas- but all of them are quickly followed by "When??" When will I be able to take time out of my already paced curriculum to create and use these technology projects?

YES, I understand that technology is supplementary to the learning in the classroom, but what if we could make it more of the core? What if I could create more engaging, constructivist-based learning using more technology and less mandated curriculum? Would that be less appropriate for my students? Would I spend my eternity in an extremely warm location?

... I suppose I will soon find out.

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Jeff Lewis said...

Will Richardson blogged about sharing what we teach:

It relates to the issue of time because if we do a better job of sharing what works we can streamline the process of creating tech lessons that are part of the core. I think there are many people out there, and here, who are already creating totally appropriate lessons that use technology, but also get to the curriculum that we have to teach. Read the post and the comments, interesting stuff.