Monday, October 25, 2010

Audacity and ELD

As I begin to venture into some new techy territory, I have been trying out recording students using Audacity. At first Kelly showed me this free recording program so I could create a Smartboard center for sight words that was more effective because the kids could see AND hear the sight words as they worked independently. They love it! They record themselves saying the sight words and then use it in a game.
I decided to try out Audacity during ELD also. I am teaching the NEP group of students and we are working on a ton of vocabulary but also different sentence starters and frames. I started recording students reading their sentences or just sharing ideas using these frames. It has greatly increased engagement and the students can hear themselves using correct word order and new words! They think it is hilarious!! I love how it has removed any shyness or insecurity about trying new words and sentences in English.
Audacity is super easy to use and I feel it can be used in any subject.
My next goal is to use it with Reading. Since retelling and summarizing is such a difficult and necessary skill, I will have students record themselves retelling a story while referencing their graphic organizers. Then the other students can "grade" them by listening and filling out their own graphic organizer and determining if the retell was sufficient or correct.
Stay tuned!
It sounds like everyone is doing such amazing things in their classrooms!
See you in Nov!


Kelly Buerster said...

Ooo that sounds cool... I would really like to learn how to use that for my 1st graders!

Kelly Berry said...

Thanks for your reflective posting about your new tool Audacity. Your students' confidence has greatly increased, along with reading fluency!