Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just Trying to Upload!

Even after all these years of making films with students and being a Global Learner, sometimes things don't always go smoothly. I enjoy using Flip cameras with my students because they are so easy to use. What I don't like about them is how I can't just use the video file how I'd like to without converting it first. Real Converter is a great free conversion software that works to convert to a windows media file, but it can take a very long time. Many hours.

I wanted to post my students natural disasters newscasts on our classroom website. It took so long for blogger to upload my large file or even small files from Flip that I decided to convert them to windows media. This still didn't work...Then I tried to upload my Flip film to you tube. This still didn't work. Then I created a film of all of them with Movie Maker and tried to upload those. Still no luck. So what to do? Keep trying? Of course! I guess just upload bits and pieces over time. I think keeping films short and sweet works the best for uploading. Anyone have any uploading suggestions?


Dave Tarwater said...


Your Kids News Network is great. Regarding uploading, have you tried the YouTube Advanced Java Uploader? You can upload video files up to 20 MB. I will email you the link to the YouTube advanced uploader.

Jeremy S said...

I am having similar problems with flip cameras I just purchased, I was thinking I may return them and get a different brand of camera if someone knows of something that works better.

Kelly Berry said...

Maybe I can stop by and borrow your flip camera. So much work for you!