Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Whale Song Photostory

A goal of mine was to get my 5th graders making 21st century products. I tried a lot with voicethread, but every time I try to use it, something seems to go wrong. I quickly decided to try photostory instead and it worked out just as well. We were able to record paragraphs we wrote about Whale Songs and put them to a picture. The kids really enjoyed being able to hear themselves read, so I think it will be a good tool in improving fluency and prosody in their reading! In addition to this, Aimee and I worked together to make a Whale Song "edusymphony" to build background knowledge before reading! It worked really well at getting the kids familiar with terminology before reading and I saw great results in comprehension! Enjoy the photostory below... the edusymphony will be coming soon!

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Kelly Berry said...

Your goal has been achieved Kelly! The Photo Stories were a great tool to help students publish their work and demonstrate their learning. I look forward to seeing the edusympony!