Thursday, October 28, 2010

Five Year Olds vs Smart Response Clickers

This month I had the privilege of team teaching twice with the smart responders! Once was with another fellow global learner, Drew Giles and another time with Kelly Berry! The first time my students used Mr. Giles’ Smart Response LE clickers to complete a Story Town theme pre-assessment. The students could not have been more thrilled ! After setting up very strict expectations, the students were eager and ready to play the “game” (take the quiz). Students were engaged and excited to put in their answer and then see how they did after each question. Students were able to stay engaged and answer over 20 questions using the Smart Response LE clickers. The larger buttons, colors and shapes, helped them answer confidently and quickly!

The second time I used the Smart Response PE clickers during math time. I created a 10 question quiz on number sense. I wanted to see if my students could answer correctly the amount of objects in a given set. Thankfully, I had Kellys assistance when explaining to my students how to enter their specific clicker number and answer the questions. Although the Smart Response PE clickers were a little more difficult, the students rose to the challenge and had a great time! My students and I have enjoyed learning about and applying this new technology in our classroom. I am looking forward to using both types of clickers in the future!

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