Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blogging in the Classroom

I have accomplished a goal of mine- I had some of my students post on our classroom's blog! During centers two weeks ago, 7 children in one of my reading groups wrote about their favorite books they have read this year. They explained why they enjoyed the book and then posted it on the blog. Then, I sent the link out to my Monaco colleagues and asked them to comment on the post. The students in my class were ecstatic to see the comments and felt proud of what they had accomplished.
The best part of the project was that now my whole class wants to participate! They are proud of what their peers have done and would love to become a part of the blog.
My kids are using 'techy' words too, which is pretty cute. I'm looking forward to another group of readers posting this week :)
If my seven and eight-year old students can blog, yours can too!

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Kelly Berry said...

Great start on your Blog Kelsey. It's awesome to see your enthusiasm for integrating 21st technology skills transfer to your students and their work! Do you have any thoughts or suggestions for others ready to implement blogging into their classrooms? (How to start, pros, cons, etc.)