Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tablets In the Classroom

A few years ago, Dave gave me a small digitizing tablet to try out in my 5th grade classroom. I used it a few times, but ended up using mostly the SmartBoard during technology-infused lessons.

This year, however, I have 37 students in a very small classroom, so I've looking for ways to engage a large class and get technology involved any way possible. With the tablet, I have been able to, from anywhere in the room, demonstrate and work injunction with students.

Instead of standing in front of the room, back to the class, working on a whiteboard, I've been able to show the same steps of problem-solving while walking around, monitoring the working students. Plus, students love to show their own work in front of the entire class using the tablet at their desk. No need for kids to get out of their desks to watch a classmate show their thinking on a screen in front of the room. Anybody have any experience or other ideas for tablet use in the classroom?

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Kelly Berry said...

I'm happy you were able to get your tablet up and running to help keep your students engaged! I have heard of teachers using the tablet as a tool to help centers run smoothly. The teacher can use the tablet as a way to keep students at the Smart Board center focused and working (in case they get lost).