Tuesday, September 15, 2009

VoiceThread Motivation!

Hi everyone! I wanted to share our first VoiceThread of the year. Last year I ended the year working on VT's and this year I'm using VT as a jumping off point to get our class blog going.

My students wrote to tell an audience about their favorite animal (one sentence as this was completed two weeks ago - next we'll be adding at least one more sentence!). Anyway, I loved how respectful my students were to one another as they presented their writing. We'd listen to the feedback as a class and let the student decide if it was their best voice. The class would then clap and give positive feedback to each student! So cute - I should have recorded that too!

If you're thinking about getting started, go for it! One thing I recommend is planning 2-3 separate recording sessions as sometimes the restlessness can interfere - breaking it up guarantees success! The completed VT is not only online, but the student pages were combined into a laminated book to keep in our class library.

Feel free to leave any comments!

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Joseph Miller said...

Hey Kelly,

Those were cute. I left a few comments. Written only as I am suffering a cold that has me sounding like Elmer Fudd.