Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Exploring technology...

It sounds like I am in total agreement with a couple of you in that I can't imagine a classroom without technology being a part of it! I enjoy the tools at my fingertips and look forward to continuing my exploration with them. We use the smartboard on a daily basis in class, have been blogging with 5th graders, and have explored Commerce City/Denver with Google Earth and even traveled to Scammon Bay, AK where our classroom pen pals live. Yet, I feel like I am only at the tip of the iceberg! There are so many things and so much more our learning community can do and explore! Our adventure continues!

One thing that occurred to me today while visiting with other Global Learners was that I need to focus more within lessons while using the Smartboard. My routine in Math has been good, and that has been what I feel to be a stronger utilization of it. In literacy, I use it for various lessons but not always consistently. As a result, I'm going to refocus and utilize it more often to develop consistency within the block.


Joseph Miller said...


I would be interested in seeing some of the things you are working on...they sound cool (especially the blog). Are you and your pen pals writing online?

Dave Tarwater said...


It appears you are on a roll with 21st Century Teaching and Learning. Please send me your blog URL so I can post it for all to share.


JennyB said...

Check out the StoryTown stuff... Dorothy, Drew and I are cutting and pasting a lot of lessons from the StoryTown website!