Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blogging Anxiety

Finishing up with my classroom blog and I'm feeling excited and anxious. Does it look right? Will the kids like it? Did my welcome post sound inviting. When am I going to have them post? I'm still trying to figure it all out but I am so happy that it is a start. I'm really finding that I am pushing myself out of my own comfort zone with using technology and I thank everyone for sharing websites and resources to ease my anxiety.


Joseph Miller said...


You should share your blog link again. I am sure it is wonderful. I feel the same anxiety whenever I publish something. I am sure the rest of the Global Learners would love to "visit" your class and comment.

Kelly Berry said...

Hi Michelle! I have been blogging with my class for three years and I still have the same anxiety. We move very slowly in the beginning. Every year I try and blog about everything, but that is not always realistic. Are my topic exciting enough? Do they have to be exciting? We're going to start using our blog as a reflection of learning. Might be slow, but not everything can be the speed of working technology!


I would love to visit your site!