Friday, September 11, 2009

Elementary Morning Routine

Here is my Smart Notebook Morning Routine. Please share any SmartBoard slides or Promethean flip charts you've created!

Slide #1 and #2 could be used for a variety of vocabulary ideas. I currently use them on Mondays to choose our transitional word of the week. The words on the sides are supposed to be made into pull tabs. Let Dave, Doug, Dorothy, Tonia or I know if you want to know how to make them!

The Pledge of Allegiance is included as slide #3. Sometimes we are so efficient with our schedule, we get to complete the Pledge of Allegiance twice (We complete it together and then the students begin over the intercom after we're done with our morning routine)! Who says First Grade is too young to understand Civic morals???

The calendar helper completes the magnetic calendar we keep all day while the Meteorologist completes the weather for the day. Students are diligent about keeping pace and making sure both calendars match. They have quickly realized how many sunny days we've had compared to cloudy or rainy. I plan to recreate the weather calendar monthly and refer back previous months occasionally (bar graphing anyone?)!

At the end are visual/written songs we sing. They love the Days of the Week song which is sung to the tune of The Addams Family.

In the past we would also count numbers using a hundreds chart. We still work on this skills, but I've moved it to our math time. The students LOVE being the number counter and using the finger pointer to flip the squares on the interactive hundreds chart!

Please share any SmartBoard slides or Promethean flip charts you have created for your morning routines!


JennyB said...

I love your calendar! Would you mind sending it to me via email? I would love to use it!

Dave Tarwater said...


Great SB activities, thanks for sharing.


Emily Taylor said...


You are amazing! Do your students look tiny next to the gigantic Smart Board?