Thursday, September 17, 2009

First time using clickers as a teacher...

...feels like I'm really behind the times, but these were never really a resource that were made available / something I thought of until yesterday...

Really powerful. I wish I could have some of my own to use every day. :)

Yesterday was really a break-through day for me thanks to the clickers. Enough to make me post to my blog for the first time in nearly a month!

Check out my blog at for the reflection post.


Dave Tarwater said...


Glad you have delved into using the CPS student response system (clickers). I hope you will post and share what is working for you and your students when the clickers are being used.


Joseph Miller said...


I have this cool book published by CPS a few years back that has something like 35 different ways to use clickers as an engagement tool. I pulled it out a few days ago after I read your post and I think they are great ideas. Let me know if you want a copy.