Monday, September 21, 2009

Hi - Who we are!

Hi there - We are part of the 5th grade Vikings in Mrs. Trujillo's (Mrs. T.'s) Class. There were 18 of us but we are down to 17 now. One of our students moved. We live in a rural agricultural area where most of our farms are potatoes and alfalfa. There are also beef cattle. Mrs. T. raises some goats. She has Nubian goats. We are each going to send you some information about us and what we would like to be. Join us and send us some of your information also! Can't wait to meet you on blog!


Dave Tarwater said...

Mrs. T.'s Class,

Thanks for posting to the blog. Thanks also for telling us about your community there in Center, CO. I look forward learning more. Does your class have a blog set up? If so please post the link for us.

Mr. Tarwater

Joseph Miller said...

Welcome to the team. Please post some pictures. In fact, that would be a great idea for all the classrooms participating in this project.