Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Boundaries within Technology

So... with the advent of all these social networking sites, and the interest with students communicating with teachers, I'm wondering how much is too much? I communicate with my students via Glogster which works out really well as they can post questions to me and I can get right back to them. But now the students all want me to get a MySpace page or they are trying to friend me in Facebook. Which leaves me with "Where does Ms. Edwards end and Kristin begin"? I feel like if I am online with my students I will be Ms. Edwards all the time. And that is frankly exhausting. Also, I know what is appropriate content in the technology world.... but do they?

So I post this question to all of you learned scholars... where is the line and how much is too much?


Jennifer Lindberg said...

A friend of mine had a similar problem with his professional Facebook page bleeding into his personal life. He ended up creating another page where he added only his friends and not professional aquaintances. It seems to work for him, but took a bit of time to do it. Good luck!

Kelly Berry said...

I do not have a facebook or myspace page, but I think Jennifer's idea is great - make a separate personal and professional page. We all know we take work home, but like you said Kristen, where is the separation?