Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ZOOM! This Was A Fast Month!

It's hard to believe it's already the end of September. I feel like a I'm in a cave that has been hit by a tornado. Strategic planning and the question of how to move kids pops up constantly in our weekly progress monitoring meetings. The days run into weeks and weeks roll into months. This being my second year, I thought things would be easier. Oh, how wrong I was. Though the struggles are different, it has still been a difficult year. Last year I was concerned about my classroom management and teaching myself to, well, teach. This year, I'm refining my abilities, content, and how I monitor student understanding. I feel I have a better picture of my students' abilities and now the question is, "How do I use the data to help them improve their skills?"

I've used my Smard Board plenty this month but I still need to become more familiar with it's functions other than camera shots and writing on the board. I'm working with other global learners to incorporate virtual communication across the district. I'm more of a wiz with United Streaming and using my laptop and projector as a scaffolding tool. My goal for next month is to prepare my students for blogging.

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Dave Tarwater said...


Lots going on in your classroom. I would really like to collaborate with you integrating the SB, want to give that a go?