Monday, September 8, 2008

My wiki has been Smart-Blocked at school!! Has anyone else encountered similar problems? The sad part is, I finally got my professional wiki up and running with my team at Central and an actual "taker" who wanted to try it for collaboration, only to have her tell me at lunch that it has been flagged as a "dating site!" Also, my students were just beginning to get used to using our class site when the next thing I knew... you got it... Smart Blocked! Hopefully this will get taken care of, but it is a disappointing bump in the road.
Kudos to the people responsible for getting us our StoryTown passwords. The on-line components have many possibilities! I like the mini-lessons/games that go with our "focus skills" in the Student Ebook edition. Of course, they have to support the all-important GLET's!!! I plan on using the ebook with the SmartBoard if I ever get somebody to mount it on the wall for me.
Today my students loved reading along with the leveled ereaders component of StoryTown. I projected it onto the wall (it will be better with the SmartBoard when it is up,) and in their small groups they took turns pushing the sound icons and using a pointer to follow along. It was good to see them work collaboratively to figure out how to get everything to work and to see them so actively involved in their learning.
I also thought it might be motivating for students to use the SmartBoard as a giant Frayer Model for vocabulary and then publish them on our our wiki... only I don't know how to do that. I thought it would be a good "starter" collaborative technology/content project. The great thing is that I could do it with my Science students and then they can take their new-found tech-knowledge back to their homerooms.
Take Care!

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Dave Tarwater said...

We can get the blocking issue resolved, not to worry. I would like to collaborate with you on your idea of using the SB as a giant Frayer Model for vocaulary, anyone else want to join in?