Sunday, September 14, 2008

Totally geeking out

The new thing: I wanted to use an excerpt from a book I'm reading in my epistemology class, so I contacted the publisher to copy it and share it with my students. I got the permission, scanned it and turned it into a pdf file, but then started to worry about the photocopy/paper thing before I realized that I didn't have to print it at all. Instead, I emailed the pdf to the students, and tomorrow, they'll log into their school email accounts, get together in groups of three and read it together in their groups, a strategy that worked well with them last week. I love the fact that their class reading is already there, and I didn't use a single piece of paper. No paper, and total access to the document wherever they have internet access. Those that have flash drives will be encouraged to download it to their flash drives, and if I absolutely have to print it out, I can do it on an individual basis rather than multiple copies.

I love technology! :-)


DLo said...

That's so awesome to read about! ;) Way to go! It's a lot like how CU Denver is doing it with their online courses. We (as students) have access to a whole site where the teacher can post pretty much anything necessary for the course. Your students will definitely be ready for higher ed.

Joseph Miller said...


That is sweet! We have been thinking long and hard about adding a content management system to the district (e.g. Blackboard). We are enamored with Moodle (free and open-source), but a little intimidated by the time/effort investment to make it work. That said, for schools/districts that are using I hear nothing but raves. Many are doing exactly what you are describing--requiring students to login and get their work, readings, notes, etc.. Sounds like college!


Todd Mayville said...

CSU is actually to thank for it. When Zach Smialek, the alumnus who is attending CSU told me that his comp instructor told the class to return the books since all of the readings were online, it got me to thinking. Getting permission from the publisher was easier than I expected. I've also done that with an essay I'm going to be using in a few weeks in that same class. :)

Christine Mac said...

I find this to be very inspirational. Your students will be very ready when they get to college. I would love to do that with a math book. We do not have enough books to give students to have at home, but maybe we could give them online access.