Friday, September 19, 2008

form 109 professional goal(s)

Hi all. I'm pleased to be able to say that another science teacher has asked me to help him incorporate technology into the classroom and he wants me to be a "consultant' and will list me on his form 109 personal growth / goal as a resource. We will work on clickers, smartboard, google apps and powerpoints etc.

I'm happy to help him and feel that the GL program is kind of infectuous... word gets around & people see how classrooms are different w/ tech goodies... students are more responsive...Cool!

I estimate that this is worth about 15 sec of my 15 min of fame.....

(Andy Warhol RIP, ---> Velvet Underground rules!)



Dave Tarwater said...


I would think more like 1 minute. Thanks for sharing your expertise and passion, it is much appreciated.

Kelly Berry said...

I completely agree with your statement on technology becoming infectious. At first people stand back, watch and ask you to complete things for them. Then, they get more secure by watching how "simple" it is to work with techology and then eventually they can begin to take their own reigns. Each person I help to get started helps me to remember why I applied to be a Global Learner. Nice work!