Monday, September 15, 2008

A simple blogging rubric...

Hi all. Here is a simple rubric I am using to evaluate posts / comments left by students on the AP bio blog. In that these are "assignments", I felt the need to put some structure to my expectations. Student responses are graded by this and then students may revise to receive a higher score. Anyway, I modified some ideas on the web and am presently using the following. Comments / criticisms appreciated. Doug


A Simple Blogging Rubric

The following will be used to evaluate your posts / comments to the AP IB Blog.

0 – did not post

1-3 very poor performance: comment / post is limited to a few words, misspellings and grammar errors, does not fundamentally address the assignment prompt. It is clear that little time and attention was put into the post / comment.

4 – poor performance: comment / post is stated minimally with errors in grammar, spelling and syntax. There is an attempt to address the assignment prompt but it is incomplete or at a level below the expectation of the class.

5 – mediocre performance: comment / post is stated concisely with errors in grammar and spelling. The assignment prompt is addressed but at a superficial level. The assignment is completed at a below-average level in terms of planning and completion.

6 – 7 satisfactory to good performance: comment / post is stated and the while the assignment prompt is addressed, ideas expressed are not necessarily original. The content shows a casual writing style with a lack of attention to style.

8 - 9 – very good performance: comment / post is stated and characterized with an above average writing style. The content demonstrates that the student read the prompt and attempts to address it completely but only partially references the original article.

10 – excellent performance: comment / post is well written and characterized by elements of a strong writing style. The comment / post has addressed the assignment prompt fully and expresses his/her ideas clearly showing originality. The original article is fully referenced.



Jon Fisher said...

I enjoyed reading your ap biology blog. I wish I had this kind of tool when I was taking biology. I commend your use of a rubric to integrate writing performance standards for your class. One thing I've heard with rubrics is to begin with the highest expectation first as that is the first thing students will read and hopefully aim for.
Great Job!

Todd said...

I like the rubric, Doug! I think I might just use it instead of the one I'm using now... thanks!

Fillpot said...


Thank you very much for sharing your rubric. With your permission, I would like to use it...why reinvent the wheel.