Sunday, September 14, 2008

First Grade Internet Workshop

An internet workshop can be a great introduction to working on the web for your students. An internet workshop helps:

develop content knowledge

develop strategies for using web resources

develop skills for working collaboratively

For my class at Walden University I've developed an internet workshop that I will be using with my students.

You can check out the internet workshop here.


Joseph Miller said...

Comment left at MrFishersBlog:


This activity is exceptional. I am impressed with how it addresses everything from standards from content to standards for social or group behavior. The rubric is kid friendly and gives credit for both social and content work. I am eager to read how this worked for you and your students.


Kelly Berry said...

Jon this looks great! Now that their blogs are ready and the laptops are free we should be able to let loose a bit and enhance the students' learning with more hands-on technology. Please tell me more about the new skype feature you're interested in using!

Dave Tarwater said...


Great workshop! I really like the rubric, I'll bet your students work hard to get that Smiley with the Blue Ribbon.