Saturday, September 6, 2008

Student data worksheets in Excel using conditional formatting

Here's a follow up video to last weeks post on creating a student data sheet in Excel using conditional formatting. I posted an example file in the Global Learner Wiki under Elementary Reading:

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Joseph Miller said...


That is cool. What a great tool and a nifty way to share with your colleagues. I believe that data visualization, both the ability to help others visualize (like you have) and actually seeing patterns in data, is one of the most important 21st century skills for both teachers and students. The more skill our colleagues have the more likely they are to pass that onto their students. Do your students get to see these data?

Jon Fisher said...

My students don't see their data in aggregate form but they see their individual score compared to a norm and they get to help graph it over time. This is an important skill and a good motivator for the students.

Kate Ibarra said...

Hooray! I have been attempting to organize my data and have referenced your spreadsheet but this is great!! I had actually bribed my roommate to put it into a spreadsheet for me, but I'd have to bake him cookies. Thanks to you, I can teach myself and not have to bake!! :D thanks!

DLo said...


You are amazing! :) So cool! I thought that I had an okay handle on excel, but this video of yours takes it to a whole new level AND it's easy to do and follow! ;) I am definitely bringing this to my team! :)