Wednesday, June 13, 2007

You Tube Sends Messages

Take a look at this video. It was sent to me as a forward (which usually end with me). However, this one was intriguing, given our new Global Learners community! The video was created by a 15-year-old girl name Lizzie Palmer. She is currently a high school sophomore and plans to join the US army when she graduates. Lizzie makes these videos as a way to honor our soldiers. What a powerful tool Lizzie has access to! Check out her video called Remember Me.


Joseph Miller said...

This is an excellent video. The film maker does a nice job of organizing a visual display with appropriately emotional music. The message is simple and accented well by text. It is a three minute video asking American citizens to join a cause.

What cause would you implore people to join with you? What presentation method would you use? What devices would you use to create an appropriate amount of emotional response?

Most importantly, how will we prepare our students to be storytellers, fact-checkers, and presenters?

Dave Tarwater said...

A very poignant video. This 15 year old story teller did a great job. We can all look forward to exposing our students to tools that will enable them to create their own stories filled with their passions to share with the world.

Emily Taylor said...

This was a powerful film. The images, words and music worked well together and allowed the film maker to get her message across. It stirred up some emotions for me. The war in Iraq is a touchy subject and her film brought up many questions for me personally. What questions did you have after watching the film?