Sunday, June 10, 2007

Webpage Construction

I love these trainings. My favorite so far has been the Contribute training. Making my webpage has been the coolest thing I've learned in a long time. I think I might be addicted. I can't wait to start adding student work. My hope is that parents will take full advantage and use the website to keep updated and stay involved. I've been sharing my progress with my coworkers, and I already have people asking me to help them start their own webpage!


Israel said...

Building the sites are fun once you get past the initial frustrations of getting it to look the way you want it. I got hooked for a weekend building some pages too. Good luck with the Bronco's tickets, that KC game is gonna be tough. Sorry I dont know anyone.

Tonia Johnson said...

Jill...from what I saw yesterday your site was looking great! Its a bit frustrating at first, but I think your parents and students will appreciate the work you put into it. I'm a little stressed trying to figure out how I'll keep it updated through the year...I tend to get a little spacey!